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Use Case: Firmware
Portability of a CAN-FD library into a new hardware platform.
Development of new functionalities with focus on diagnostics systems.
Development of a desktop application used for configuration.


C++, CanUtils, C#, C#, .NET MAUI, Embedded Linux, Docker, GitLab

Use Case: Architecture Redesign
Legacy code and architecture redesign enabling faster and more flexible implementation of new algorithms through the usage of modern language standards, development techniques and paradigms.


C/C++, Python, ROS, Autosar, Git, Catkin, Jenkins


Experience the transformative power of code and architecture refactoring.

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Process Flow
1. Initial Consultation: Understand requirements, define budget and timeline;
2. Software Design: define the overall software architecture;
3. Agile Development: Software is implemented and integrated into the existing system;
4. Testing and QA: Execute tests to ensure the compliance with the requirements, as well as optimal performance, robustness and reliability;
5. Documentation and Support: Prepare detailed manuals and technical specifications.